How to Read this Document

  • Find your CURRENT rate on the LEFT (the current contract rates).
  • Find your NEW rate under the tentative agreement on the RIGHT (GREEN COLOR).
  • The tentative agreement will increase the 100% rate for each classification as follows:

New Hire Information

  • GOOD NEWS! The tentative agreement will also move the new hire pay progression TWICE AS FAST. New hires will reach top 100% pay rate after 2 years instead of after 4 years.
    • Find your current pay rate on the LEFT side of the chart:
      • If you are at the 80% rate, at your one-year anniversary, you will move to the NEW 90% RATE on the RIGHT side (GREEN) of the chart.
      • If you are at the 85% RATE or higher now, at your two-year anniversary, you will move to the NEW 100% RATE on the right side (GREEN) of the chart.