From the DCC, Thursday, September 14, 1PM

DETROIT CASINO COUNCIL) Rally with UAW Big Three Friday at 4pm. Meet at Ford Training Center on Jefferson by Huntington Place.
(Txt STOP 2quit)

From the DCC, Thursday, September 14, 11:30AM

DETROIT CASINO COUNCIL) Negotiations Tues & Wed focused on Discipline & Grievance contract language and dept issues.

Next week goal: reach tentative agreement on non-economic issues, so we can start economic bargaining.

In Solidarity, wear your BUTTON, until we WIN!

From the DCC, Friday, September 8, 5PM

DETROIT CASINO COUNCIL) 1st day of bargaining ✅. Focused on non-economic issues by department. Next bargaining session Tues. Sept 12. WEAR YOUR UNION button EVERY DAY to SHOW SUPPORT!

From the DCC, Friday, September 8, 7AM

DETROIT CASINO COUNCIL) Bargaining with the Casino companies starts today. Wear a union button to work to SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! Get the new DCC button from your rep or organizer. We are stronger together.

From the DCC, Wednesday, September 6

DETROIT CASINO COUNCIL) This is the 1st DCC text to all who signed up from ALL 5 unions at the 3 Detroit Casinos! Our first action together is the contract meeting Thursday September 7 at 9am, 1pm or 5pm at Teamsters 2700 Trumbull. Which meeting will you attend (9, 1 or 5)?