Fox 2 Detroit: Strike looms for Detroit casinos as contract with workers ends Oct. 16

“Our people are doing the jobs of two and three people,” said Nia Winston of Local 24. “And the casinos aren’t doing enough to fill the positions that they still have open because the wages are not competitive.”

That includes Shataya Thompson, who spoke through tears.

“I want what’s best for my family,” she said, saying she was thinking about her family when she was delivering remarks. “When I talk about my kids and my family, I do get emotional. It’s an emotional situation, but with the support of the DCC, and my coworkers, I can fight and keep going.” 

Thompson, a wife and mother of two with a third child on the way works as a Motor City Casino Valet and cashier. She says maintaining health care is a top priority.

“Especially with going through the pandemic. Going through covid and everyday life. It’s people who have been here since the doors open, and have gone through so much, and they depend and they look for that healthcare.”

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