Casino Workers On Strike

We sacrificed our raises and our safety during COVID in order to keep the casinos open.

We thought we were making a deal: if we tightened our belts when times were hard for the companies during COVID, we would then share in the prosperity when business came back.

There was no deal. We now have to stand up and reset the relationship between us and the companies.


  • Protect the healthcare standard we’ve built over two decades.
  • Win job security/technology language that already exists in other casino markets.
  • Improve the value of our retirement where there has been no increase in 8 years.
  • Reduce the workloads that have resulted from 1500 fewer workers post pandemic.
  • Secure the largest wage increases in the history of the Detroit casinos.

Detroit casino workers need a raise AND a job that respects our health, our future and once again allows us to be proud to work at Detroit’s casinos.